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  Exclusive Top Selling Niched Sites
We offer more than just "exclusive niched sites". Our mission is to present big doses of high quality entertainment to your surfers. Here we present the personal touch, combined with interaction a member will never forget. Move with the times. It's 2008 already, no one is looking for dated sites filled with boring and badly produced "exclusive niched content" anymore! Sell real entertainment!
  State-of-The-Art Promo Tools
We have been involved in the adult industry for quite some time, and have gained much needed experience that most other programs do not have when building there promo tools. We're sure you won't just read this, you'll feel it as well. We will provide you with the best tools available, and if you need anything specific to your needs then don't hesitate to contact our team and we will do our best to make it happen.
  Cascading Billing
If a potential customer has any problems with our primary processor, all the signup information will be automatically sent to a second processor, then to a third, etc. We cascade until the customer joins our sites. We go the extra mile to assure your sale!
  Full Tracking
Don't worry if your visitors surf with disabled cookies, we will still track this type of traffic since we use both IPs and cookies to track all incoming traffic. This type of tracking will make sure that you get paid for all traffic you sent to our sites even months ago!
  Free Hosting & Free Content Available
We provide free hosting on first class bandwidth for all active webmasters promoting SpiderDollars. Host your own domain with us, no ads, no redirects and of course: no caps. You will also have access to pre-cut videos and photos. All content is available to you for promoting SpiderDollars in zip formats.
  Multiple Payout Methods Options
All payments are done via multiple methods to ensure the quickest and most convenient way for our affiliates to get paid. At this moment, SpiderDollars payments are being done by check, ACH deposit, epassporte, US and international wife transfer.
  Affiliates Support
We are available on ICQ and by e-mail nearly 24 hours a day to help you. Hit us up for anything you may need. We have an in-house designer that can create any additional promotional items you need!
  Proven NATS Affiliate System
We use NATS affiliate software, the newest and most secure tool of its kind on the market. NATS makes it impossible for us to modify your stats. That means that at SpiderDollars, your money is your money, 100% shave-free!
  Customer Support
Focused on building good relations with our customers, we provide an excellent customer support service where customers are immediately answered and any issues they have are taken care of with expediency.
  2257 Compliant
All websites under SpiderDollars management were produced in full compliance with the 18 U.S.C. 2257 federal law.
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